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While moving things from your old house to the new one, and you need residential moving services, the first thing that strikes your mind is how much the entire move would cost. There are many moving companies who charge sky high prices and do not even take full responsibility of the stuff which they are transferring. This might pose a problem, especially if you have no idea which of them is best, or which you should go for. To solve this problem of yours this moving season, we have made extensive research and have brought to you details of Best Toronto movers rate, from some of the most reputed GTA Moving companies in Canada.

All of these companies are authorized members of the Canadian Association of Movers and Better Business Bureau, and are budget friendly, compared to many other movers.

These are some of the most trusted moving companies who receive a lot of recommendation. They have been known to take full responsibility of your stuff and guarantee you with a hassle free and transparent deal, as well as a smooth and stress free moving experience. Read below for more information on these movers:

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Spring Cleaning Tips - Spring Moving

Spring time has arrived, and with summer just around the corner it is traditional to start thinking about having a spring clean. Moreover, if you plan on moving soon, this is the perfect time to start planning, preparing and cleaning so you’ll be ready in plenty of time. Use the following tips to help transform your home in time for the warmer weather and ahead of your move.


Cleaning the kitchen

Although you should be keeping the kitchen clean all year round, with the sun shining, dirty, dusty areas can really start to show, and bacteria can start to breed more easily in the warmth. To get your kitchen spring clean underway, begin by clearing your counters and cupboards and disinfect them thoroughly.  Wipe down all your cabinets and shelves.

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Moving into small homes: What you should know?



The growing demands for small homes have been steadily increasing since media started featuring them in the last couple of years. Today, these tiny homes which mostly consist of one room have impeccable features and characteristics which make them a darling amongst people who value simple living. Generally, these mini homes boast of 250 square feet of living space.

Still wondering why mini houses are increasingly becoming popular especially in the 21st century? Then it would interest you to know that they are not just economical to buy but easy to maintain. So, for people who may not have the money to buy a nice, fancy and big home, mini houses fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner.

And although mini houses may not be suited for everyone, there are tons of amazing reasons why people should consider moving from large houses to small homes. So, if you have been thinking of moving from a large house to a small one, you’ll find the following pros and cons of moving into a mini home really helpful. 

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Making the move to a lower cost | Moving Expenses


The increasing cost of living can often force people to choose to relocate or even using cross country movers. However, many people don’t consider all of the factors when looking for a property in a lower cost of living area, such as the moving expenses, employment opportunities etc. This article will help you to weigh up the pros and cons more easily and work out if the move is really going to be cost effective in long term.

The different options

Begin by doing some research and find the cheapest cities to live as this might also mean you can find more affordable accommodation there; it is possible that you’ll find a property that is the same size as your current home, but at a cheaper price. Another option is to look for a smaller property. 

The main advantages of smaller homes are they are much easier to maintain and the utility bills are usually cheaper. However, if you manage to find a larger property that costs less, then this will be a good option if you have a growing family and you’ll need the extra space later.

Before making a decision on which option to go with, weigh up your personal requirements for both now and in the future.

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How to find a quality moving company | Top Rated Moving


The most vital element of any relocation is finding top rated moving companies that you can trust. Choosing the moving company to work with can be tricky, especially if it’s the first time you’ll need the services of one.  You’ll no doubt have seen numerous websites that boast about the wonderful services they offer, but how can you be so sure the removal company you choose will provide the level of care they state they will? This article will act as a guide to help you find a quality moving company.  Below are 9 tips for choosing a reputable and quality moving company.

How to distinguish a Top rated moving company

Look for a website

In the days of e-commerce, most legitimate businesses have a website so this should be the first thing to look for. Having a web presence is a sign that it is a serious company, and it will not disappear overnight. Scammers often only have an email address and a mobile phone number so you can’t trace them if they take your money and run. Always ensure that the moving company has a registered website with a professional structure and layout.

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Finding Boxes for Your Move - Moving Box


When preparing for a relocation, you’re going to have to gather together as many different types of moving boxes as you possibly can. While packing the kitchen, packing the living room, and other places in the apartment, you’ll need a variety of sizes and heights of boxes for moving to cater for all of your different packaging needs. If you’re looking for ideas to find free boxes ahead of your move, here are 10 places where you can get free moving boxes:

Retail stores

A good source of boxes is retail stores, so they should be your first port of call. Often boxes are just discarded when they have been emptied and sometimes business owners have to pay to take them away, so it could be a good option for both of you. You could also try asking drinking establishments as these have a steady supply of deliveries and empty cardboard boxes. For example, a liquor store would be best, as they always receive more boxes than they could possibly need or use,

When considering retail stores, get creative. For instance, fast food restaurants have food carton/boxes of varying sizes, and any retailer who has regular deliveries might be able to help you.

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Checklist for Moving an Elderly parent | Looking for Movers

It could be that your elderly parent/s needs a relocation service to be nearer to family and downsize as they grow older, or find it necessary to move to assisted accommodation. Whatever the motivation behind the move, helping a parent to relocate can often be a complicated process. From finding suitable movers to organizing the finer points of the move, it can be difficult to know where to start,

However, the checklist detailed below will make it all so much easier.

Two months prior to moving

  • Helping your parents go through a lifetime of memories can be an extremely emotional period so you’ll want to allow them plenty of time to carefully sort through everything without the need to rush and without any pressure. Give your elderly parents as much time as possible to grasp the fact that they have to move. Have conversations with them, explaining the need for the move, as old people tend to have a connection to their long-time homes.
  •   To simplify things, concentrate on one room and sort the possessions into three separate piles: items your parent/s wish to keep, things they are happy to sell, and a separate pile for goods they want to donate. 
  • Proper organization is the key to a straightforward relocation and it’s never too early to start looking for professional moving services. Begin your search by reading some reviews online and narrow down a list of possible companies that offer residential moving services.
  • Gather packing supplies. It’s tempting to leave this until the last-minute but it is important to complete this task as soon as possible, or you might discover you don’t have adequate packaging when the time comes. Most professional companies are happy to supply you with free boxes to help with your move; they can also recommend and supply you with packing materials and basic packing guidelines which would really help. To better protect fragile goods, make sure you have plenty of towels and linens to wrap them in.
  • Take the time to collect all of your essential documents together and file them. Gather up your medical records, insurance papers, financial papers, etc., and keep them somewhere secure. A portable safe or lockbox is a good option for storing these types of documents.


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Arranging the furniture in your new home | Furniture Moving Services


Making your new place feel like home can be a considerable challenge and to choose furniture moving services to rearrange your furniture can often be costly. If you’ve moved to a smaller place, this can seem like a considerable task that is not easy to get right. And for some people, arranging furniture, especially in a new home, can seem like they are trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle;
it can mean continually swapping lots of different pieces over until they eventually fit. However, as this approach can be time-consuming, we’ve compiled this helpful article to help you successfully rearrange and fit furniture in your new home.


General measurements

The most sensible approach is to take a visit to your new home or apartment prior to moving so that you can take the general measurements. That way, you can ensure all of your most treasured pieces of furniture will fit into the new property. 

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8 Reasons To Hire A Local Moving Company




There are a number of reasons you might find yourself needing to move house; perhaps you found a new job, want to move to a bigger (or smaller) house, or just  fancy making a fresh start somewhere new. You’ll have to sort out a lot of things, but one of the most important is moving your belongings. What matters is that you’re going to have to pack everything up and move there. You could do it yourself, but we believe that hiring a local moving company is the best choice, and for good reason.

Here are our top eight reasons to hire a local moving company. 

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Attain added comfort while moving - Best professional movers


All set to move? Selected the best professional movers, who will make moving seem like a cake walk? But are you aware that if you are moving locally, then you are entitled to additional services from the company? Moving companies offer other services that guarantee the quickness, effectiveness and efficiency of your move. While most of the additional services will not affect your moving cost too much, a few of these accessorial services will attract additional charges. Each company has its own list of accessorial services, so in your search for movers, make sure to find out all other services they offer and their rates before choosing one that suits your budget and will take care of your needs.

The following is a brief explanation of the additional services offered by moving companies and what to expect from them, either a corporate move or a residential move.

Packing: If you are moving locally and you do not have too many prized possessions and bulky items, then handling packing yourself is no difficult task. But it is advisable to let the pros handle your piano, heritage furniture, or prized artifacts. It takes a lot of time and energy to pack your stuff, and professional packers would be best for the task, as they are specialists and know exactly how to pack your belongings safely. Charges will be levied according to the time taken for packing and the amount and type of supplies used. 

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Essential steps to take after moving to your new home

When you have finished moving places, it will be time for the real hard work to begin. As you’re in a new location, it can be difficult to start finding your feet. However, if you concentrate on the essential aspects first you’ll find it all much easier. Follow these steps to make the relocation to your new home go more smoothly.

Relax and organize

It can be tempting to get straight into the unpacking but if you can, then allow yourself some time to relax. Make sure that you have some essentials packed in a separate bag so you have enough items for overnight then you won’t need to worry about unpacking straightaway. The next day, concentrate on drawing up a list of all of these essential things that need doing first, and begin to work through these. Perhaps make some notes for each room, and work on the room at a time.


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Common Moving Mistakes - Professional Movers


Some people are reluctant to use pro movers as they consider them too expensive. Others under estimate the work involved and the potential dangers of organizing the move themselves, or they lack an understanding of the complexities of relocating.  However, not using professional movers can inevitably lead to something going wrong. Here are some common mistakes people make when they attempt a move and how to avoid them.


Not using professional movers

This is a moving mistake far too many people make. There are some cases when you might be able to manage your relocation yourself, for instance, you might only be moving a short distance, or you might have a limited amount of possessions to take. However, for the most part, it is best to get a professional involved. 

If you are moving further afield, don’t attempt to do the move yourself - you’ll need to use a reliable company with the relevant experience if you want the relocation to go as planned. Many moving companies offer long distance moving. Conduct enough research before hiring a moving company. You can ask for recommendations from family and friends, to ensure you make the right choice. You can contact a professional moving company that specializes in moving and storage in GTA here.

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Organizing your garage ahead of a move - Moving Locally


Whether you are moving locally or further afield, at some point you are going to have to tackle your garage and ensure that it is well organized. Packing your garage, for the most part, should be a simple process. However, you might also find that you have a number of items that could cause more of challenge. Follow these garage packing tips to easily pack and organize your garage ahead of your move.


  1. The number one tip is to start early. When you’re planning a move, it’s always best to start organizing and sorting as early as possible to allow enough time to pack everything properly. Once you have a moving date, this is the ideal time to start planning.


  1. Ideally, you should have a diary or calendar where you can outline a schedule for the moving process. Make sure the garage is highlighted as one of the priorities; don’t leave it to last minute. 


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Safeguard yourself from moving scams - Better moving company

Moving is a burdensome task. If you get a mover who is professional and honest then these worries are more than halved. But if you come across a fraud moving company, then a moving scam can lead to increased stress and troubles. 

What are moving scams? 


When a fraudulent moving company adopts tactics to fleece their customers and not offer the promised services, then it can be said that you are a victim of a moving scam.  

How to tell if a moving company might be a scam?
  • The moving company’s website does not include a local address or office.
  • The company answers the phone call in an unprofessional manner. Instead of picking up the call with the registered name of the moving company, they say ‘Hello’ or ‘Moving company’.
  • The website does not include any sort of information about the company’s registration and license, as well as their insurance options and policies.
  • The company does not come to the location of the move to conduct an on-site inspection to determine the items that will be moved. Instead, they give a moving estimate on the phone or online, without seeing the items that will be moved.
  • The moving company demands a large deposit or full payment before the move.
  • The company insists on being paid in cash. They refuse to accept credit cards.
  • They do not specify in detail all the terms and conditions of the moving process. Instead, they avoid answering questions and provide only vague details.
  • They refuse to provide the moving contract and estimate in writing. They say their employees will determine how much to be paid after loading.
  • They come to move your stuff in rental trucks or unmarked vehicles instead of company-branded trucks.
  • They try to make you sign forms that are blank or incomplete, or missing out important details, and say that they will fill them in themselves later.
How can you safeguard against these moving scams?
  • While searching for movers, make sure to ask for recommendations and suggestions from friends and family. Get to know their experiences with various movers. This would go a long way in making it easier to find a trustworthy moving company.
  • Conduct thorough research on the moving companies you come across. Find out if they are licensed and insured.
  • Get 3 to 4 moving estimates from various moving companies, and get to know the services they offer along with their terms and conditions. This would help you choose the right one that would best suit your moving needs.
  • Beware of moving companies who provide you with an estimate that is significantly lower than the other estimates you got from other moving companies. Most movers who charge ridiculously low prices are dubious who are either not professional movers or have the intention of raising the price a lot higher later. If a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.
  • Carefully go through the review on their websites and social media handles. A company without one or two negative reviews might be playing dirty in one way or the other. Always be very careful and ensure that the reviews are in fact, genuine.
  • better moving company will be the one that is a member of Canadian Moving and Storage Association and Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Ask the movers if the moving estimate provided is binding or non-binding. A binding moving quotation is one with a guaranteed price, unless you need extra services offered by the moving company. A non-binding moving quotation is one which could lead to additional costs during the moving process.
  • The moving company should give you a copy of their moving procedure. This would help you to understand the whole moving process.
  • In worst case scenarios the cheat movers either hold your prized goods as ransom or may just disappear into thin air, never to be seen again. In such cases, you can do nothing but try to retrieve the lost goods. Notifying the police, lodging a complaint with Small Claims Court and filing a Household Goods Consumer complaint should be steps in the right direction. 
  • Never pay any large deposits in cash. If at all it is the peak of the moving season and the mover wants an advance as confirmation of the date, then make the payment only by card. This deposit should not exceed 10-15% of the settled amount.
  • Always make sure to get a contract, stating clearly the terms and conditions of the move, including possible extra fees and costs. This would prevent surprises or unexpected spending on the moving day.
  • Ensure that you have everything in writing. The moving contract, the estimate fees and taxes, the inventory sheet and any such documents that is mandatory for moving.  All documents should be complete and properly signed and stamped. 
  • Never sign any incomplete or blank documents. Scrutinize the document thoroughly and do not hesitate to ask for clarifications if you fail to understand something.
  • Be wary when the mover asks you to sign a new invoice as the previous one has either been damaged or misplaced or you have more items than they originally estimated. Demand a revised estimate and ensure that 'both' of you sign it before the moving begins.
  • In case there is any problem after your move, for example, some of your belongings are missing, or some of them are damaged, make sure to contact the mover with immediate effect to rectify the issue.
  • Always get the contact of the driver and the moving company.
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