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Checklist for Moving an Elderly parent | Looking for Movers


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Essential Moving Checklist for Assisting Your Elderly Parent's Relocation

It could be that your elderly parent/s needs a relocation service to be nearer to family and downsize as they grow older, or find it necessary to move to assisted accommodation. Whatever the motivation behind the move, helping a parent to relocate can often be a complicated process. From finding suitable movers to organizing the finer points of the move, it can be difficult to know where to start.


However, the checklist detailed below will make it all so much easier.


Two months prior to moving


  • Helping your parents go through a lifetime of memories can be an extremely emotional period so you’ll want to allow them plenty of time to carefully sort through everything without the need to rush and without any pressure. Give your elderly parents as much time as possible to grasp the fact that they have to move. Have conversations with them, explaining the need for the move, as old people tend to have a connection to their long-time homes.


  •   To simplify things, concentrate on one room and sort the possessions into three separate piles: items your parent/s wish to keep, things they are happy to sell, and a separate pile for goods they want to donate. 


  • Proper organization is the key to a straightforward relocation and it’s never too early to start looking for professional moving services. Begin your search by reading some reviews online and narrow down a list of possible companies that offer residential moving services.


  • Gather packing supplies. It’s tempting to leave this until the last-minute but it is important to complete this task as soon as possible, or you might discover you don’t have adequate packaging when the time comes. Most professional companies are happy to supply you with free boxes to help with your move; they can also recommend and supply you with packing materials and basic packing guidelines which would really help. To better protect fragile goods, make sure you have plenty of towels and linens to wrap them in.


  • Take the time to collect all of your essential documents together and file them. Gather up your medical records, insurance papers, financial papers, etc., and keep them somewhere secure. A portable safe or lockbox is a good option for storing these types of documents.


One month prior to moving


  • You should by now have a shortlist of moving companies. Start getting moving quotes and ask for a breakdown of everything the quote covers. Don’t leave this important aspect to the last minute; make sure you get the quotes at least a month before the planned relocation.
  • It is also a good time to start packing items that you know you aren’t going to use in the near future. Seasonal clothes, books, DVDs, CDs etc. can all be packed away at this point so there won’t be too much to do when it comes to moving day.


  • For unwanted possessions, arrange a yard sale, donate items or dispose of them if they are no longer of any use.


Two weeks prior to moving


  • Obtain and fill out a Canada Post Service change of address form.
  • Update the details of your magazines/newspaper subscriptions, or cancel them if they are no longer required.
  • Get in touch with your utility companies so that they can organize a disconnection/transfer/new connection of your electricity, gas, water services etc. 
  • Sort out essential repairs that need to be done around the house. It is better to leave the house in good condition, whether it’ll be rented out, sold or passed to a family member. Sort out all maintenance issues before moving out.


One week prior to moving


  • Confirm the details with the movers to make sure there aren’t any changes in the plans.


  • Make sure you have put together an essentials box that includes enough items for the next 24-48 hours. Include things like a change of clothes, any medication, some cash, etc.


  • If you are on prescription medication, ensure you have enough, and give your details to the new pharmacy, if it is necessary. It is also important to have a safe place to keep the medications.


Moving day


  • Have your payment ready for the movers


  • If your parents feel they might find the stress of the move too much, drive them over to a friend or to a relative’s home so you can manage the relocation for them.


  • Create a checklist, and if you are moving into rented accommodation double check the list with your new landlord.


  • Once at your parent/s new location, pack the essentials so they can be comfortable. You might want to consider unpacking a few of their favorite possessions to help ease the move. Everything else can be arranged at a later date, or ask your team of movers to do this part for you. Many of the top rated moving companies will organize a detailed plan and place your items exactly where you request in order to make the relocation as stress free as possible.


  • Once you’re done packing, you can go get your parents and begin the move. You might consider arranging a flight for your parents, if it’s a long distance move. Also keep their medical supplies close by, in case they would need it during the journey.


  • If you’ll be travelling by car, consider planning extra travel time. Ask your parents at intervals if they would like to stretch their legs or use the convenience. Also pack stuff they could eat on the way.


Settling In


The final stage will be to help your parent/s get settled in. Help to organize the new home in a way that would make it easier for your loved one to navigate and locate things easily. You can also get new things for the new home, such as a fresh painting, a new TV, new artwork, or something your parent would love.


 Once they feel happy in their new environment, you might like to take them for a drive around the new area so they get to know it better. This would also be a good time to show your parent where important services such as doctors, pharmacists, etc. You can also show them the nearest grocery stores/shopping areas/attractions, and if your parent enjoys socializing, perhaps suggest some suitable clubs or venues that they might enjoy.



Wouldn’t you like to make your parents’ move as convenient and stress-free as possible?

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