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Arranging the furniture in your new home | Furniture Moving


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Efficient Furniture Moving Services: Simplify Your Relocation with Expert Assistance

Making your new place feel like home can be a considerable challenge and to choose furniture moving services to rearrange your furniture can often be costly. If you’ve moved to a smaller place, this can seem like a considerable task that is not easy to get right. And for some people, arranging furniture, especially in a new home, can seem like they are trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle;
it can mean continually swapping lots of different pieces over until they eventually fit. However, as this approach can be time-consuming, we’ve compiled this helpful article to help you successfully rearrange and fit furniture in your new home.


General measurements

The most sensible approach is to take a visit to your new home or apartment prior to moving so that you can take the general measurements. That way, you can ensure all of your most treasured pieces of furniture will fit into the new property. 

While you are assessing your new home/apartment, take into consideration the layout and any unusual fittings so you can get a better idea if your furniture will look right. In addition, you’ll need to bear in mind that some L-shaped or spiral staircases can pose a problem when it comes to moving furniture. 

Allow yourself plenty of time to do your measurements, and then if a piece of furniture won’t fit, you can arrange for one of the many excellent moving and storage companies to look after it safely for you.


Detailed measurements

With the general measurements out of the way, you will then have to record some more detailed measurements for each of the rooms. This can be a difficult process to get right so try and think of everything. For Optimal Space Planning: Ensure Ample Room Between Windows and Dressers, and Ensure Living Room, Bedrooms, etc., Can Accommodate Your Beloved Furniture Pieces.

By carrying out the detailed measurements before the move, it will help to avoid disappointments at a later stage, and it will give you plenty of time to work out if there are any space constraints that might limit your plans for the layout.


Taking pictures

Your digital or video camera can be valuable tools for planning your furniture layout. If you’ve got records of each of the rooms, it is possible to plan the furniture layout to perfection and you’ll have a firm idea where everything will go when you relocate.

To make the process easier, select a focal point for each of the rooms in your new house to help with your plans and ensure that you make a note or electrical outlets, too. Also, don’t forget to keep your images as they could be useful when you need to get quotes from movers ahead of your relocation.


Draw up a detailed floor plan

You don’t need to have any particular skills in order to create a floor plan; a sheet of paper and a pencil will be ample, or you could use some basic software. A floor plan will allow you to create a more detailed picture of every room including windows, doors, walls and other permanent fixtures, and it will give you a better idea of how everything will fit together.

By taking the above measures, you won’t face quite so many problems when it comes to arranging the furniture for your new home.


Clear and access the space

Before arranging the furniture in any room of your new home, make sure to clear the space of boxes or other objects. This helps to have a better, clearer view of the room and makes arrangement of furniture easier. Scattered objects would obstruct the true view of the space you’ll be working with. Clear out the room before you begin and you’d realize that you just might have more space than you think you do.

 Also, access the size of each room and determine what room would be best suited for a particular purpose. It is advisable that this is done before moving into your new home. Determining the purpose of each room before the move would make arrangement of furniture a whole lot easier, because the purpose of a room would determine its furniture arrangement.


Avoid cramping

When arranging furniture in your new home, it is very easy to make the mistake of cramping all your furniture into a space that is not big enough, all in an effort to make everything fit into your new home. This eventually gives your home a suffocating feel, because a room with excess furniture feels cluttered. To avoid this, make sure to get rid of unnecessary furniture before moving in. Give out or sell items you do not need. You do not want to make the mistake of cluttering your new home with unnecessary stuff. Let it breathe.


Determine your focal point

A focal point in a room is the point where most or all of the objects in that room would naturally turn towards. It could be natural focal points such as a large window or a fireplace, or a point created or determined by yourself such as a TV, or a table. Arrange your furniture around your chosen focal point. This makes furniture arrangement much easier and organized. It also helps to avoid the mistake of arranging furniture haphazardly.


Talk to your movers

Don’t be afraid to ask your team of professional movers to assist; an expert team who offer furniture moving services will be only too glad to help. Apart from offering home packing services, movers are also the best people to ask when locating large, difficult to move items of furniture; the team will place them in the precise location you want without any effort on your part.

Having a clear plan and knowing in advance exactly what you want to do will also make the job much easier for your team of movers, and they won’t need to keep relocating items of furniture until your room looks perfect.


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