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While moving things from your old house to the new one, the first thing that strikes your mind is how much will it cost? There are many movers who charge sky high prices and do not even take full responsibility of the stuff which they are transferring. To solve this problem of yours this moving season, we have got to you details of Best Toronto movers rate, from two of the most reputed GTA Moving companies in Canada.

Both of these companies are authorized membered of the Canadian Association of Movers and Better Business Bureau, and are budget friendly, compared to many other movers.

These are two of the most trusted movers who receive a lot of recommendation. They have been known to take full responsibility of your stuff and guarantee you with a hassle free and transparent deal. Read below to know more:

Company A ( Toronto Movers Estimate )

-The moving charges range from $500 to $700 for moving an entire one-bedroom apartment. This cost is for a four-to six hour move done by two persons in a 26 to 28 foot long truck for carrying your stuff.

-Moving a three-bedroom house will cost anything from $1,000 and $1,400. This includes an 8 to 10 hour move which will be carried out by a three person crew. You can add an extra crew member at the cost of $35 per hour, plus the travel time.

-If you are planning to conduct your move at the end of the month or Sundays and holidays, rates will be on the higher side. It will be $100 per extra person and $10 extra per hour, per person on Sundays and holidays.

-A fuel surcharge of $35 flat rate is taken for moves within the GTA and up to 17 % of the total bill is taken if the move is to be done to cities far away. Calculate this in advance according to the place you want to move to.

-All packing supplies such as tapes, cartons, and boxes will be provided by the company.

-You can also take the packing service, which costs $500 to $800 for one bedroom apartment as a whole and $1400 to $1800 for an entire house.

-You can either give the responsibility of packing fragile items to the crew or do it yourself. We suggest you to do it on your own because some fragile stuff can be expensive or might have high sentimental value as well.

COMPANY B ( Toronto Movers Estimate )

-It will cost around $750 for moving a one-bedroom apartment in Greater Toronto (or $125 per hour). This cost is for a six-hour move where three people will come to help you. The move will be done in a 30 foot truck. For a big three bedroom home, it costs $1250 for a 10 hour move while cost for extra man is $25 per hour.

-During month end, the price will rise up to $1200 for moving a one bedroom apartment, or $1600 during the peak summer season. During the same period, the cost for a full house will be $2000.

-The prices include fuel as well as time costs. It also includes packing supplies like containers, mirror cases, mattress covers, cartons, and tapes.

-If you want to get your boxes packed from the movers, it will cost $30 per box for fragile items and $15 per box for other goods.

Many times, people look at low costs and end up hiring shady movers, who levy hidden charges at the end of the procedure. You definitely do not want to give the responsibility of your valuable and loved furniture items to someone who is not going to handle things with care.

So, we recommend you to get a written contract from the moving company, mentioning full details about the stuff to be moved, cost per hour and the total cost (according to the estimated time required), the insurance policy, so that in case anything goes wrong, you can always seek legal address.


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