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Moving into small homes: What you should know?


moving small homes


The growing demands for small homes have been steadily increasing since media started featuring them in the last couple of years. Today, these tiny homes which mostly consist of one room have impeccable features and characteristics which make them a darling amongst people who value simple living. Generally, these mini homes boast of 250 square feet of living space.


Still wondering why mini houses are increasingly becoming popular especially in the 21st century? Then it would interest you to know that they are not just economical to buy but easy to maintain. So, for people who may not have the money to buy a nice, fancy and big home, mini houses fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner.

And although mini houses may not be suited for everyone, there are tons of amazing reasons why people should consider moving from large houses to small homes. So, if you have been thinking of moving from a large house to a small one, you’ll find the following pros and cons of moving into a mini home really helpful. 


Moving Is a lot of work: So, you have decided it’s time to change the environment and you are ready to move into a new home which is impressive by the way, but have you thought about the rigors of moving? While moving can be exciting, the process isn’t fun to consider. But hey! This doesn’t have to be a problem as you can always hire the services of a reliable moving company to do your bidding. This is where our company comes in. With us; you’re at peace to know that all your valuables will be neatly packed into boxes and placed in specific areas within your new home. 


Moving equals leaving memories:  While a big house may become too big for families to maintain especially after their kids may have moved out, leaving your current home for a smaller one may not be an easy decision for many people. This is not surprising giving that leaving your home may mean forgetting some highly cherished family memories.


Moving means downsizing your property: I guess you’re excited and can wait to move into your new home, well, just before you move, have you thought about the fact that moving into a mini home would involve downsizing your property? Absolutely true! Hence the most daunting task would be selecting which items would fit into your new home.  Well, this wouldn’t be a problem if you hire the services of professional moving companies like us.  Hiring us means you can store properties you are not yet ready to part with.


Less entertainment space: if you’re a social person who lives for events and parties, and loves to host them as much as you love to attend, moving into a small home might affect your social life, as you wouldn’t be able to host big parties anymore. Also, if you normally have friends and family come over during holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, moving into a small home might put an end to that tradition.


Smaller storage space: Moving into a smaller house automatically equals less storage space. You have to reduce your possessions and furniture, and you can’t buy as much stuff as you usually would anymore. You’d have to learn how to manage the little space you have in your small home.





Reduced bills: This is arguably one of the benefits of moving into smaller homes. Unlike big homes that are difficult to maintain, small fancy houses cost quite less to maintain. This means that money that would have been spent on utilities, repairs and paying for mortgages can now be put to good use. With this money, you can now invest in a new car, plan a perfect getaway or even embark on that vacation you have always thought about. 


Time and energy saving: It’s no news that owning a home requires appropriate maintenance, and maintenance involves spending time, money and energy. Apart from reduced bills, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning your house, or worry about exerting all your energy into getting important things done around the house. Your time and energy can now be invested into other profitable activities.


A better trendy home: The reason why many people fancy living in a mini home is not far from the eye catching and elegant appeals that come with owning a mini home. For them, fancy home equals quality which they wouldn’t compromise for the quantity of bigger homes. Also, owning a mini home means you can now buy top notch furniture at affordable prices. With a small home, you’re able to buy a lot of quality stuff without worrying about exorbitant costs.


No mortgage involved: Financing a big home comes with mortgage fees that are quite cumbersome to offset, but with mini homes you can pay cash, meaning you don’t have to bother about how to meet up with your mortgage agreements. You have less chances of going into debt, and you don’t have to spend all your money on mortgage payments.

Decluttering is reduced: Since you’re aware of the fact that you have little space, you learn to manage space and arrange your belongings appropriately. You’ll learn to let go of unnecessary items and instead stick to keeping meaningful, useful possessions that you truly need. It also helps you keep track of your spending, since you can’t waste your money on frivolous items, as there’s no space to store them.


Change is invaluable: Deciding to downsize a little can be very rewarding, to say the least; this is because you’re taking a step in the right direction. The relief that comes from having few things to worry about is incomparable.  





So, are you prepared to enjoy the adventures of moving into a new home? Why not reach out to us and let’s make your moving as stress-free as possible? We offer residential moving services. Are you moving over a long distance? Not to worry, we’re long distance movers. We’ve got you covered. With us, small home moving has never been better. We pay attention to details and ensure all your belongings are carefully packed and kept at precise locations. Reach out to us today, and you’ll be glad you did.


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