Moving FAQ

    1. How long should I allow preparing for my move?
    We recommend that you allow approximately 6 weeks.
    2. How long should I allow preparing for my move?
    3. How long does a typical move take?
    4. How do you calculate moving costs?
    5. Do I need a particular truck for my move?
    6. Will I need to empty dresser drawers etc. ahead of the move?
    7. Should I empty out office items such as filing cabinets?
    8. Can you assist with disconnecting of my computer or stereo?
    9. Do I need to take measures to protect my carpet and hardwood floors?
    10. What about fixed items such as paintings wall hangings or curtain rails?
    11. Who will be responsible for loading the boxes?
    12. When can I expect my mover to arrive?
    13. Do your drivers keep an inventory?
    14. What will happen on delivery day?
    15. Will I have to be there during the move?
    16. Do I need to be careful of hidden charges?
    17. What about valuable goods? How do you protect these during my move?
    18. Is insurance included in my quote?
    19. I need to buy additional protection coverage?
    20. Can you explain the main packing options available?
    21. Can you transport plants?
    22. Can you help me transport my pets?
    23. what if for some reason I can’t take delivery for my goods as scheduled?
    24. How should I dispose of my cartons when the move is complete?
    25. What about trash disposal?
    26. Will the movers place the furniture in my preferred location in my new home?
    27. How will you keep my furniture clean during the move?
    28. Will your team clean my home after the move?
    29. Will you assist in dissembling and reassembling items of furniture?
    30. Is there an upper weight limit?
    31. Are there restricted items?
    32. Is there a minimum charge requirement?
    33. Can you explain the truck charge?
    34. Can you tell me your preferred methods of payment?
    35. Is there an extra charge for stairs?
    36. Can you explain why it is necessary to use up to 4 movers?
    37. Do I need to be wary of any unexpected cost?
    38. Is it appropriate to tip my moving team?
    39. What about lunch/breaks for your movers?


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    Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1A2
    Tel: 416-897-3894
    Toll-Free: 1-855-990-3989

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