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When preparing for a relocation, you’re going to have to gather together as many different types of moving boxes as you possibly can; you’ll need a variety of sizes and heights of boxes for moving to cater for all of your different packaging needs. If you’re looking for ideas to find free boxes ahead of your move, here are some of your best options.

Retail stores
A good source of boxes is retail stores, so they should be your first port of call. Often boxes are just discarded when they have been emptied and sometimes business owners have to pay to take them away, so it could be a good option for both of you. You could also try asking drinking establishments as these have a steady supply of deliveries and empty cardboard boxes.
When considering retail stores, get creative. For instance, fast food restaurants have food carton/boxes of varying sizes, and any retailer who has regular deliveries might be able to help you.
Try local schools/colleges
Schools often have a regular schedule of deliveries and this can mean they have a ready supply of empty boxes, too; this will also be beneficial to the school/college because they won’t have to sort the boxes for recycling. Another idea is to ask parents at school if they have any boxes you could use.
Ask your neighbors
It is worth asking around your neighbors to see if they have any spare boxes they don’t need. Most people don’t enjoy the process of sorting out cardboard for recycling day, so your neighbors will probably be only too pleased to give away any spare boxes they might have.
Work colleagues
Another option is to ask work colleagues if they have any boxes to spare. A lot of people have frequent deliveries on regular occasions, so there is a pretty good chance they might have some empty boxes that will be suitable for moving day.
Social network sites
Ask your local contacts on social media if they have any boxes they don’t need; most people will only be too keen to get rid of them if they do. To save time, you can also put up a post yourself. Alternatively, look at the Facebook classified ads and see if anybody local is giving boxes away, or advertise for some boxes.
Classified advertising sites
Classifieds sites can prove to be a great source of freebies, including cardboard boxes. Craigslist is just one site that you can choose, or you could try the eBay-owned Kijiji classified site. Another viable idea is a site like Freecycle, where people give away items free or try placing advertisement on there.
Box exchanges
Sites like U-Haul   provide a number of different options for getting hold of boxes. However, if you’re looking for a free supply, they do have giveaways on the site, so check for availability. 
Paid Options
If you run out of free supplies, there are a number of paid options available.
Mr. Moving
Mr. Moving is a well-respected, Canadian-based safe movers, which offers an extensive range of services to make relocation easier; this includes the supply of boxes. Mr. Moving will deliver boxes to your door and they’ll also help you to estimate how many boxes you’re going to need in total, which helps to reduce your costs. Most importantly, however, is that the boxes will be designed to meet the exact needs of your moving requirements.
Other retailers
Home Depot, Staples, the and U-Haul are just some of the other options for purchasing moving boxes in your local area.  
Non-cardboard alternatives
You could consider using plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes; there are a number of companies in Canada who offer this service, and they can work out cheaper than buying boxes. If you choose this option, you’ll rent the boxes, and they’ll be collected when you finish with them, which solves the problem of having to dispose of the card afterwards.

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