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Common Moving Mistakes - Professional Movers


Moving Mistakes

Professional Movers: Expert Relocation Services for a Smooth Move

Some people are reluctant to use pro movers as they consider them too expensive. Others under estimate the work involved and the potential dangers of organizing the move themselves, or they lack an understanding of the complexities of relocating.  However, not using professional movers can inevitably lead to something going wrong. Here are some common mistakes people make when they attempt a move and how to avoid them.


Not using professional movers

This is a moving mistake far too many people make. There are some cases when you might be able to manage your relocation yourself, for instance, you might only be moving a short distance, or you might have a limited amount of possessions to take. However, for the most part, it is best to get a professional involved. 

If you are moving further afield, don’t attempt to do the move yourself - you’ll need to use a reliable company with the relevant experience if you want the relocation to go as planned. Many moving companies offer long distance moving. Conduct enough research before hiring a moving company. You can ask for recommendations from family and friends, to ensure you make the right choice. You can contact a professional moving company that specializes in moving and storage in GTA here.


Not packing properly

 This is another common moving mistake. Many people either do not pack properly, or they leave it to the last moment. Start preparing when you’ve made the decision to move out and start clearing out items that you no longer use; do a yard sale to raise some extra cash. Later, once you have confirmation of the sale, you can start ramping up the packing and organizing.

It is a good idea to draw up a packing schedule so you can plan out the weeks ahead of your move and check everything off as you go. Packing your living room and other rooms take time, so it’s best to begin early. Pack room by room if you can, begin by sorting out things you don’t want, pack away seasonal items you won’t be needing for a while, and only leave out the essentials. 

Finally, don’t skimp on packaging materials and buy quality supplies from your removals company where you can. Good movers will also give you advice on how to pack your possessions safely if you ask. Some moving companies also offer home packing services. Ask your mover to be sure they offer that service.

Not decluttering your belongings

While preparing to move out of your home, it is essential to declutter your belongings. Failure to organize and arrange your belongings would make you end up spending more on moving. Arrange and sort out your belongings; get rid of the ones you don’t need. You could throw away if it is of no use, sell, or give out. Don’t take unnecessary items with you into your new home.


Not labelling moving boxes

Here is another common mistake people make while moving. Most people fail to label the boxes after packing. This would lead to a lot of stress and frustration while unpacking and arranging your new home.

Always make sure to label all boxes while packing your stuff. Write the content of the box and the room it is meant for.


Taking friends for granted

Most of us have got a great group of friends who are willing to help us to do almost anything, however, don’t take them for granted and just assume that they will give you help moving. If you are going to ask your friends to assist you, ask in plenty of time but also consider that their plans can change, and they might not be able to help you on the day.

Also, if you are asking friends to assist, make sure you are organized as possible and that your possessions been sorted so that you can limit how much work today will have to do on the day. Finally, perhaps offer them some form of reward for the work they are going to do for you.


Avoiding Injuries and accidents

Lifting incorrectly is one of the most common causes of injuries; if you do attempt to complete the move yourself, you need to be aware of this. To lower your risk of injury, don’t attempt to lift heavy items unassisted; ask friends or neighbors to help you. In addition, make sure that your friends know how to lift properly to reduce the chances of any common problems such as back injuries. You’ll also want to wear a good pair of shoes to protect your feet and specialist gloves for lifting.

Make sure all paths are clear to lower the chances of trips and falls, and reinforce boxes with packing tape to help prevent items falling out of the bottom. Ensure that each box is packed properly with cushioning such as bubble wrap, and ask advice from a removals company about any specific packaging you might need.

Finally, if you have children or pets, arrange for them to stay somewhere else on moving day – this will help to keep stress levels down and will help to avoid any potential injuries.


Picking the wrong sized truck

It’s far too easy to underestimate the size of the truck that you’ll need. If it’s too small, that’s going to mean repeated journeys back and forth to your new home, and if it’s too large your items are going to move about in your removals van too much; this could cause damage to your treasured possessions. Choosing a van that is too large will also cost you more money. 

If it’s a small move, a pickup truck might suffice. However, it is a much better idea to speak to a local removals company and get advice on the correct size of the truck.


Not packing a moving essentials bag

Most people forget to pack a small bag filled with necessities while moving. There are some important items such as keys, wallets and important items that you must not lose. There are also stuff such as toiletries, chargers, toothbrushes, paste, clean clothes and medication that you might need immediately after your move, before unpacking the rest of your stuff. These belongings should be in your essentials bag, to save you the stress of having to rummage through a ton of boxes looking for a single item.

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